Captions (Subtitles) Get the Word Out!

April 23, 2012 Comments Off on Captions (Subtitles) Get the Word Out!

Learning a new language?
Want a global audience?

Have a hearing loss? Are you deaf or Deaf? or deafened?

Makes no difference to the CCAC!

The world needs captioning – some of us in many situations, others in some places.
And if we are healthy active people, many of us need it every day!

Many sorts of captioning, live, online, in our ten categories of life (including “cart” or “sttr” or realtime captioning, including voice writing too)…and more!

And many sorts of deafness and hearing loss also – and many current discussions about what “deaf” means.

Hear this: advocate for captioning inclusion universally – it’s the only way we can all communicate together, deaf or not, hearing or not, using one or more languages or not, with hearing aids or not, with implants or not, with loops (many sorts) or not too.

Sure, some other resources, and not to forget signing that is vital for some, work for many also. However, full communication access for all of us requires captioning! Join the CCAC (go to and help us spread the word!

P.S. Blindness and low vision require audio description (text to speech). And deaf-blind needs are important to address also. The CCAC has one mission – much more inclusion of quality captioning.


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