Only 280 Certified CART Providers in USA?

May 16, 2012 Comments Off on Only 280 Certified CART Providers in USA?


In CCAC member discussions today, it’s said, “According to the RID online database, there are 9,611 certified interpreters in the United States. According to the NCRA online database, there are 280 certified CART providers in the United States.”

What? We know there are more providers of CART and similar services than are certified and in NCRA (who sets the standard of excellence). Yet even if twice as many? Three times the small number above? – Come on into the CCAC and add your voice to increase these numbers. Shall we do as much as volunteer advocates can do? Are you with us?

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P.S. These numbers may seem huge to other countries with us. Think about it however- the USA is a huge country. 50 States. Reportedly with 46 million citizens with hearing loss or deafness now.


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