AARP Heard CCAC Advocacy – Now Access Online with Captioning

May 17, 2012 Comments Off on AARP Heard CCAC Advocacy – Now Access Online with Captioning

APPLAUSE for AARP! Their educational webinars online, and some of the videos online too, are now accessible with inclusion of quality captioning!

Check out this beautiful video for an example, click on the “CC” box to start the text. Enjoy:

About a year ago, two active advocates in CCAC (also members of AARP) initiated some advocacy. None of the AARP webinars were captioned, and it was now possible to include captioning with new technologies, offered by many companies worldwide. After a “test” with our feedback last May, AARP began designing webinars with captioning for all.

How great is this?! We say it’s hugely important due to so many members in AARP, and many millions in the USA and other places too, who are vulnerable to hearing loss and acquired deafness. Older age often comes along with hearing issues (not always), yet hearing loss is common also in younger ages! For example, the adult children of older citizens who want to learn online too.

Captioning also allows people whose first language may not be English to follow much more of what is taught and discussed online.
We hope AARP sees our applause! Hears it 🙂 also.

Join the CCAC and participate in advocacy going on all the time, in smaller and larger ways. We want your membership! (free). Bring along a few friends with you, all the better for the CCAC to continue and grow. Join from the web:, click on “become a member.” Thanks!


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