Follow Up on New Captioning Advocacy Project

May 21, 2012 Comments Off on Follow Up on New Captioning Advocacy Project

Here’s some added information to our prior blog, now with list of companies many members in CCAC have contacted, and vigoruosly and regularly, in earlier months also. The new ingredient here is a call for one day of social media action, to focus attention on this on 6th June.

We’ve invited the folks organizing this to join the CCAC with hundreds of members who may want to participate with a word or two of encouragement directly from the organizers.

Important to keep in mind that captioning is not only for “hearing people” who don’t know signing. Captioning inclusion is vital for the world! Captioning is the language of mega- millions of deaf, deafened, and people with hearing loss who speak and do not use signing, and captioning is used by millions of others for other good reasons, e.g. language and learning needs.

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