CCAC Invites Your Own Blogpost Re Captioning – To Spread the Words (Not for this CCAC Blog). A New CCAC CAP

May 31, 2012 § 4 Comments


IN our CCAC membership forum online, a most active community for captioning advocacy, we do not publish blog posts by members. They publish those themselves.

AND there are some members, and others, who publish great posts on their own blogs about captioning advocacy, captioning news. captioning services, and captioning products (we use the word captioning for all sorts of speech to text services and products, internationally).

SO – here’s an idea for a new CCAC CAP (captioning advocacy project) and to continue the collaborative culture of the CCAC as a “hub” to share information to push the CCAC agenda forward:

IF you publish a new blogpost about captioning, send the URL to CCAC Member Raj:
Please make a note of that email address

Raj will create a monthly list of the URL’s, and then the CAC will do some distribution of those posts, to all hundreds of CCAC members, on social media, and perhaps in the CCAC newsletters also.

Spread the news above! Let’s do this new sort of networking to work together in a new way. We all want inclusion of quality captioning (subtitling) in all the important places (the CCAC ten categories of life).

If you are interested in joining the CCAC, we’ll welcome you. To share your blogposts re captioning, membership is not a requirement. Yet why not join and belong, it’s free. Go to the CCAC web, and click on the join page.


§ 4 Responses to CCAC Invites Your Own Blogpost Re Captioning – To Spread the Words (Not for this CCAC Blog). A New CCAC CAP

  • Aha! I found them:

    Performing Arts
    Elder Law Attorneys
    Education – and Graduations!
    Community: Clubs, Religious Organizations, and other Social Groups

    I now have to come up with a couple of paragraphs to help market and explain how captioning/CART can help in these areas and that it should be included as a resource for people.

    • ls says:

      Great you found them Rosy. Tell us all more soon about your advocacy – who, where, what else is needed?
      Large number of good resources on the CCAC website too. See all the articles there.
      The CCAC “List of ten categories of life” has evolved over the two years of the CCAC – it’s officially, at the current time, to be found on the CCAC membership form on the web.
      It’s also the current list we use in each issue of the CCAC newsletter, also on the CCAC web, and next issue out soon in June, it’s June now! 🙂

      CCAC WEB is here:

      Thanks for all you do Rosy, and everyone in the CCAC, hundreds of us. Collaborate in the CCAC.

      (Note please: the current list is not identical to the one you use above, yet very close! Thanks again.)

      • ls says:


        Health Care
        Public Safety

        As we say earlier, the list is evolving. It seems to serve well, yet we are open to suggestions, edits, additions, and volunteers to work on it too.

  • ls says:

    IF you like this idea, to gather all the blogs talking about Captioning/Subtitles/CART/STTR and related each month, with a listing of those URL’s, be sure to send us your own blog about this topic! Don’t have one yet? Write one 🙂 soon. is the website for the CCAC and one joins there – to become a member, simple form to submit and if you support the mission, we’ll welcome you!

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