The Eyes Have It: Captioning by SONY

June 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

Direct from SONY:

We welcome discussions, e.g. using them yet?

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§ 2 Responses to The Eyes Have It: Captioning by SONY

  • I have mixed feelings about Sony Glasses. This still does not give deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people equal access. We are still being treated like second class citizen, our access needs are being paved for the majority, why not subtitle all the films and make it permanent, this would save a lot of hassle in developing new technology to fill the gaps. It doesn’t make any difference to the cost in terms of showing the all the film showing with the subtitles as the subtitles are already created and can be used over and over again. Human race have the ability to get used to something after repeatedly exposed to it, i.e. sign language interpreters in theatres, in the past, people HATED interpreters, but after 20 years or so of perseverance, theatre interpreting is widely accepted and people LOVE it and expect it there now. Captioning in theatre is also going through the same cycle, eventually people will expect subtitles everywhere and becomes the norm.

    Final personal point, I do not want to be walking around with these glasses which alerts the whole auditorium that I am deaf. I have a right to lead a discreet lifestyle like everyone. However it does allow us to go to the cinema whenever we want to with our families or friends. What I am challenging here, is the attitude towards access as an addition, when it should be integrated to daily life without a second thought, as everyone is not yet deaf or disabled.

    • ls says:

      Many thanks for your message Deepa. Have you joined the CCAC itself? We invite you and all who support the larger mission – see for much more information, and if you care to, the membership form.


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