Free Caption Phone! And Help Support the CCAC

July 31, 2012 Comments Off on Free Caption Phone! And Help Support the CCAC

NEWS:CCAC now a Partner with CaptionCall® – LIfe is Calling. Simply order your own free caption phone with the CCAC Code HS4117. Important to use this Code. A very attractive modern phone you can put on your desk or wall, for incoming calls. Help yourself communicate via captioning, and support the CCAC at the same time, with thanks. We’re looking forward to talking together on the phone soon! In brief, go to, click on “Request Info” button, fill out the form with the CCAC Code of HS4117, then submit. Or, email CCAC and we’ll be happy to place the order for you;

Please Note: CCAC invites informatoin to learn about additional partnership opportunities to raise revenue for the CCAC to continue captioning advocacy. CCAC is all volunteers. Donations and advertisements are also invited. Email for information.


Catch 22 of Captioning Inclusion

July 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

Catch 22’s surround us. With a tip of the hat to another blog today (about autism), we offer you this food for thought mid-summer.

Millions have hearing loss, are deaf, or deafened.

A: We are able, only our ears are different, or some say, not working. We are “normal” and strive for access, inclusion, etc.

B: At the same time, unless we say how much energy is required, how difficult it is many times to find understanding and the resources we need every day, unless we emphasize the “problem” called a disability, we will never get all those “others” to support us, create the resources, and do so without pity or condescension, without telling us to keep quiet or just stay home.

CCAC suggests this is a major major collective catch 22, for you, me, and so many of us, and for many with other so-called “dis” abilities.

Don’t Leave Me Out! Learn more with us, help us educate others.

What is the solution to the catch-22?

Captioning (Subtitles) is our Language Too – Don’t Leave Us Out!

July 1, 2012 Comments Off on Captioning (Subtitles) is our Language Too – Don’t Leave Us Out!

Any doubts? View this film and get involved. Lots of ways to do so, in the CCAC, e-petitions, days of action, teamwork, collaborations, fresh ideas.

The video has quality subtitles now in English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish. There are also automatic translations on the CCAC youtube channel in other languages.

All interested in learning more, advocating, and related communication needs, welcome to join the CCAC. The focus is captioning advocacy for multiple real and vital needs. Join on the web,


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