Catch 22 of Captioning Inclusion

July 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

Catch 22’s surround us. With a tip of the hat to another blog today (about autism), we offer you this food for thought mid-summer.

Millions have hearing loss, are deaf, or deafened.

A: We are able, only our ears are different, or some say, not working. We are “normal” and strive for access, inclusion, etc.

B: At the same time, unless we say how much energy is required, how difficult it is many times to find understanding and the resources we need every day, unless we emphasize the “problem” called a disability, we will never get all those “others” to support us, create the resources, and do so without pity or condescension, without telling us to keep quiet or just stay home.

CCAC suggests this is a major major collective catch 22, for you, me, and so many of us, and for many with other so-called “dis” abilities.

Don’t Leave Me Out! Learn more with us, help us educate others.

What is the solution to the catch-22?


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  • ls says:

    Get it? Any questions? The catch 22 is we cannot say, in one breath, that we are “normal” and at the same time, we are “disabled”. We cannot say “help” for the many resources we really need, and at the same time smile and say how wonderful hearing loss and deafness is.

    Of course, there are ways to educate ourselves and others. Yet it’s going to require a lot more teamwork, a lot less rancor and in-fighting among so many groups with different agendas. It’s going to take some honest revision of who this or that group represents. And what the goals are, that can be shared and achieved.


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