No captioning? You Are Unapproachable!

August 26, 2012 § 2 Comments


We love words, as do so many reading :-). Decided to look up opposite for “access” today. None.

Then searched for opposite for accessible – it’s unapprochable.

Another is obscure, that’s it, and this one as bad if you want to communicate.

Access means entry and more – it means participation, inclusion, contribution. Access is used in different contexts, yet for communication, it’s all.

Communication aims to engage others. It’s almost always assuming human interaction, a two way street, or a roundabout for many people to share everyday life’s experiences.

Access to communication is vital – online, and everyday, in all ways.

Use captioning to communicate. If not, you are unapproachable. Is that how you want to be perceived?

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We’re approachable.



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§ 2 Responses to No captioning? You Are Unapproachable!

  • There is an opposite of access, though: block – as in “blockhead”

    • ls says:

      There were no useful opposites in my dictionary. I only used one! 😉
      The three choices were inaccessible of course, and the two I mentioned.
      Access is a noun, perhaps a verb also, yet the main point, in our view, was the finding of the one “not approachable” – just love it, as do many others who’ve told us.
      Blockhead is good too 🙂

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