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October 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

Must share, with a tip of the hat to Northern Virginia Resource Center (USA), as they, and many others, bunker down for the storms:

This is one part of a more complete Emergency Preparedness page you may want to review here via our copy from same source:

National Weather Service (USA) rainfall potential of Hurricane Sandy for the next 1-5 days.

Hurricane Sandy continues to be a major threat to our area and could lead to substantial impacts in the next few days. Virginia has already declared a state of emergency in advance of the storm.

To put it simply: we need you to prepare.

The storm’s track is not yet certain, but the National Weather Service models this morning suggest a likely scenario of 4-6 inches of rain, tropical storm winds, downed trees/power lines and flooding for possibly multiple days. More details will become available later today and Saturday from the National Weather Service about timing and impact.

But right now, we have time to get ready.

What you need to know and do:

1.)    Supplies: Get your supplies – water, medicines, canned food, cash, pet food and more. View more suggestions for emergency supply kits. We strongly recommend that you be prepared with at least three days of supplies.

2.)    Gas: Fill your car’s gas tank. Gas stations will be in short supply in a power outage.

3.)    Generators: If you have a generator or plan to buy one, please be familiar with safety tips.

4.)    Food Safety:  Power outages and flooding may happen as a result of a tropical storm or hurricane, so have a plan for keeping food safe. Have a cooler on hand to keep food cold, and group food together in the freezer so it stays cold longer.

5.)    Outdoor Items: Plan to secure all outdoor furniture, decorations, garbage cans and anything else that is not tied down.

6.)    Trees: Remove dead limbs on trees that could fall on your property (home, car, land).

7.)    Leaves: Clear leaves from storm drains, gutters and other areas that, if clogged, could cause flooding.

8.)    Weather Forecasts: Pay close attention to weather forecasts for the latest storm track. We will provide guidance as needed. Purchase or charge up your weather radio. If you have a weather radio that uses SAME codes, Fairfax County’s SAME code is 051059.

9.)    Tech Ready: View our Digital Preparedness Kit, which is an important way to stay informed and connected before, during and after an emergency.

10.) Phone Numbers: Save important phone numbers to your phone or write them down, especially your power company. Always report a power outage.

Please share this information with your family, friends and co-workers so our whole community can be better prepared.


Captions and Languages – Good Match!

October 26, 2012 Comments Off on Captions and Languages – Good Match!

Kudos to the European Parliament for Captioning done and in many languages! We are very impressed :-).

Not having a lot of time to Blog lately –  busy in Members’ forum (have you joined the actual CCAC yet?), facebook and a few (many) other places – yet never fear – CCAC is here and members – hundreds – thousands on social media – doing captioning advocacy all the time, on many levels, in many ways.

Here’s the video we see today from Adam in the EP, to share his good message with us all:

Anyone care about New York Times Online without Captioning?

October 9, 2012 § 2 Comments

Please let us know if you want The New York Times to place quality captioning on all its videos online. And if you will contact them with us. It’s called citizen advocacy.  Image of New York Times title


There’s a lot of news about the new CVAA law in the USA, and still, there is so much we need access to online, that is not covered by the law. Major international news resources are one prominent example. Are videos on your newspaper online captioned? Tell us.

We aim to advocate to The New York Times via facebook, twitter, and emails. Are you with us? It’s nice to read this, and equally important or more so, to join the advocacy. What other information do you need?


Internet Captioning Advocacy Continues: Your Captioning Passion Invited!

October 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

IN a recent survey conducted by the CCAC the result was clear – of highest interest was ramping up captioning advocacy for the Internet! Your voices needed now.

Screenshot of 1st CCAC Members Meet-up Online, with CART

Image is a screenshot of the first CCAC member meet-up online, with CART, chat, and images of the group meeting to develop CCAC advocacy. Join us anytime.

You are invited to a lot more discussion and then selection of 1-3 focused advocacy campaigns – globally, nationally, or locally:

a. Government websites must lead the way with fully accessible materials online. Which one in your country interests you? Are all the videos there captioned?

b. A number of important “news” sources online must ramp up captioning ASAP, e.g. The New York Times, PBS in the USA, BBC in the UK, and more? Tell us which major news sources online you need.

c. So much education and training is going online now – degree programs, further specialized trainings, webinars from hundreds of organizations and associations, even local libraries and garden clubs. What do you need, is it accessible via inclusion of quality captioning (subtitles), and if not, do you want to advocate with the CCAC?

Friday is a fine day to figure out firstly – do you want to advocate? if so, fantastic, and get in touch soon.


President of the CCAC

All volunteers


Any questions?

Tuesday is Talk to NASA Day-Your Voice Counts

October 2, 2012 Comments Off on Tuesday is Talk to NASA Day-Your Voice Counts

CCAC invites you to talk to NASA with us, from any country. The world wants access to media online.

logo for NASA, blue ad red

NASA has many videos online. We’ll begin with this one – please leave a comment on their site in your own words ASAP – we need access via inclusion of quality captioning.

(Tell me if the captcha letters work for you? We had a lot of trouble with them today.)

Please do this today – all friends, globally: go to

…and leave a comment that we want access; the world wants access; or your own words, for inclusion of quality captioning; don’t leave us out!

NASA is the first stop on CCAC advocacy for all videos online from any government to be accessible via captioning. Feel free to let us know you are helping, with thanks  There will also be a letter to NASA and to  DOJ to request access when CCAC members prepare it.

Wealth of Information and Inspiration from IFHOH

October 1, 2012 Comments Off on Wealth of Information and Inspiration from IFHOH

This page has a wealth of good information! Kudos to IFHOH and all involved.

Proud that the CCAC film, “Don’t Leave Me Out!” was shown at this conference also – truly an international effort, and playing now on many screens globally. Need to view it again? Find it on the CCAC website.

http://ccacaptioning.og – CCAC means captioning advocacy!

Welcome October – A Captioning Month Coming to You

October 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

Yellow bubble that says "Advocacy"


CCAC members have a lot going on! If you care about access via inclusion of quality captioning for mega-millions, join us, or stay in touch on social media, and read our updated website. For examples:

CCAC needs your voices for advocacy for all Internet media! If you think the new CVAA law is going to caption a lot of things we need online every day, think again – we aim to boost advocacy for news, webinars, public information programming, and more. If you want to be an individual advocate, fine too – and share your news in CCAC group discussions – nothing else like them anyplace.

And if you want to join one of the newest, energetic and meaningful advocacy communities, come along in the CCAC. Membership is still free. Most of us belong to other associations of many sorts, with different, wider, broader, or larger agenda. CCAC has one focus, captioning advocacy. We need you too!

CCAC advocates for Government videos online, all of them, to have quality captioning – now! All governments are asked to “lead the way.” No excuses please – we the people. For one example, NASA videos online need captioning. CCAC members drafting a new letter to DOJ. Join us.

CCAC is now listed in a new “Giving Tuesday” program, started by others. If you give to CCAC or not, in any amount, find out more about the CCAC on that website too, and share with others. Many good non-profits are listed there already.

CCAC founder and president, Lauren Storck, in annual travels,  is ready to meet with others to advance captioning advocacy. Email soon,

What else do you want to know about captioning? Join the CCAC and put your query out to hundreds.



CCAC means captioning advocacy. If you don’t ask for it, you will not find it.

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