Welcome October – A Captioning Month Coming to You

October 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

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CCAC members have a lot going on! If you care about access via inclusion of quality captioning for mega-millions, join us, or stay in touch on social media, and read our updated website. For examples:

CCAC needs your voices for advocacy for all Internet media! If you think the new CVAA law is going to caption a lot of things we need online every day, think again – we aim to boost advocacy for news, webinars, public information programming, and more. If you want to be an individual advocate, fine too – and share your news in CCAC group discussions – nothing else like them anyplace.

And if you want to join one of the newest, energetic and meaningful advocacy communities, come along in the CCAC. Membership is still free. Most of us belong to other associations of many sorts, with different, wider, broader, or larger agenda. CCAC has one focus, captioning advocacy. We need you too!

CCAC advocates for Government videos online, all of them, to have quality captioning – now! All governments are asked to “lead the way.” No excuses please – we the people. For one example, NASA videos online need captioning. CCAC members drafting a new letter to DOJ. Join us.

CCAC is now listed in a new “Giving Tuesday” program, started by others. If you give to CCAC or not, in any amount, find out more about the CCAC on that website too, and share with others. Many good non-profits are listed there already.

CCAC founder and president, Lauren Storck, in annual travels,  is ready to meet with others to advance captioning advocacy. Email soon, ccacaptioning@gmail.com

What else do you want to know about captioning? Join the CCAC and put your query out to hundreds.


Web: http://ccacaptioning.org

CCAC means captioning advocacy. If you don’t ask for it, you will not find it.


§ 2 Responses to Welcome October – A Captioning Month Coming to You

  • Is there a specific hashtag we can use to promote this?

    • ls says:

      Hello Elisa and thanks for reading the CCAC blog. Can you explain more please by email to us? Do you mean a twitter hashtag? CCAC is on twitter regularly, and facebook too. Connect from the CCAC website.

      And/or: an invite for you to join the actual CCAC because as a member, you can also participate in the active members’ forum online. Join from our website – go to http://ccacaptioning.org

      And/or: I’d be happy to chat with you on email – ccacaptioning@gmail.com because we appreciate all who want to advocate with us!

      Lauren/founder of the CCAC

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