Internet Captioning Advocacy Continues: Your Captioning Passion Invited!

October 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

IN a recent survey conducted by the CCAC the result was clear – of highest interest was ramping up captioning advocacy for the Internet! Your voices needed now.

Screenshot of 1st CCAC Members Meet-up Online, with CART

Image is a screenshot of the first CCAC member meet-up online, with CART, chat, and images of the group meeting to develop CCAC advocacy. Join us anytime.

You are invited to a lot more discussion and then selection of 1-3 focused advocacy campaigns – globally, nationally, or locally:

a. Government websites must lead the way with fully accessible materials online. Which one in your country interests you? Are all the videos there captioned?

b. A number of important “news” sources online must ramp up captioning ASAP, e.g. The New York Times, PBS in the USA, BBC in the UK, and more? Tell us which major news sources online you need.

c. So much education and training is going online now – degree programs, further specialized trainings, webinars from hundreds of organizations and associations, even local libraries and garden clubs. What do you need, is it accessible via inclusion of quality captioning (subtitles), and if not, do you want to advocate with the CCAC?

Friday is a fine day to figure out firstly – do you want to advocate? if so, fantastic, and get in touch soon.


President of the CCAC

All volunteers


Any questions?


§ 2 Responses to Internet Captioning Advocacy Continues: Your Captioning Passion Invited!

  • Ann Gronlund says:

    Huge need currently all debates. Forums locally need captioning and sign language Interpreters. Thanks Sent from my Droid Charge

    • ls says:

      Yes, not only nationally, yet also local speeches, etc. We the people!
      If you had joined the CCAC, you’d see today one of our wonderful CCAC provider members is offering CART pro bono for her local “debates” sponsored by the League of Women Voters. Good for her!
      We need more of this, and citizens to make it happen.
      Contact the CCAC by joining or emailing too.
      Thanks for your comment Ann G.

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