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Love reading this blog – re-posting:

CCAC published this article also last year or before 🙂 – please read and join the movement:


Health care is a matter of life and death. – the place or captioning advocacy – all volunteers – the place to ask for captioning anonymously – gather proposals from providers


Time for All to Caption the Internet Together!

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Internet captioning needed – all agree now.
Many making noise about this gap for years.
Now, the time is now. Finally for some, at last for some, and for all, let’s work together.
Read and work with CCAC – you are invited as always.
Send your news to us.
CCAC is the best hub for this topic.
Member or not, now is the time to collaborate.
Take time to read our web, take time to share, re-tweet, and re-blog.
Vital for inclusion.
Raise awareness?
Let’s move a huge step forward, together.
Cultural shift? We can do this, together.

Review of Glasses for Captioning during Show Us the Captions Month

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Re-blogging here from a great advocate – see this review of Sony glasses for captioning:

We’re told some folks love the glasses, and some don’t.

Many of us would select open captions.

Thanks to Shanna and Terri for this lively report, with photos!


Your Input for Why Some Think They Don’t “Deserve” Captioning

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CCAC founder writing a new article  – there are many, millions perhaps,without exaggeration, who think they do not “deserve” captioning, even though they do not have full inclusion without it. They may use hearing aids or not, implants or not, other devices or not, and still not know much about captioning, or know enough that they need it, yet they are hesitant to ask for it. Language access – full comprehension – is vital for living – to be informed, learn every day, participate, and give back, help others.

Text saying You Dont Deserve...









The reasons some feel they do not “deserve” captioning are many, the dynamics complex, both on individual levels and societal levels. We want your ideas and input to think about, to learn more, and to add to our own current thinking…send it here, or email me please: or


Founder and President,


Press Release for Distribution: Need Captions? Try CaptionMatch!

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Press release online here:

And in full here:

For immediate release

For information, please contact



Where Captioners Meet Customers


A new service to connect people who are deaf or have a hearing loss with captioning providers is now available on the web. It is called CaptionMatch, and the working prototype is open for business. Captioning is not only used by millions with hearing loss. It is also used by many others for language and learning needs, as well as by Internet search engines to find information.

CaptionMatch is a matching service, a clearinghouse. It’s not a captioning company. It has two main aims:

  1. To increase the demand for captioning services by making it easier for anyone to ask for captioning anytime.
  2. To help captioning providers spread their services and knowledge to more people, whether they have extra time available to earn more or whether they need help on a captioning project.

Registration is free on the website (

Consumers fill out and submit a captioning request form. For example, they ask for CART (real time captioning, called STTR internationally), or for captioning of an online video. When a registered captioning provider sees a request, they send a bid for the job, or questions, via CaptionMatch to the consumer, who remains anonymous until a “match” is made.

Consumers may receive proposals from more than one provider. When the “match” is complete, the provider pays a small fee to the service. The consumer pays nothing to use the service. Consumers and providers make their own arrangements as to captioning services and pricing. Providers can also use CaptionMatch to locate a subcontractor to assist them on a project.

With an estimated global population of six hundred million people with hearing loss or deafness, the need for captioning services is growing. CaptionMatch aims to increase accessibility to needed services while offering captioning providers an opportunity to increase their customer base and revenues. As the founder, L.E. Storck says, “We need to take advantage of whatever modern technology offers to support people who need and want to communicate with each other. The world needs new ideas that lead to much more inclusion of quality captioning.” The well-respected advocacy organization Media Access Australia adds: “CaptionMatch is an interesting initiative with the potential to alert organisations to the value of captioning, and streamline the process of organising captioning.”

CaptionMatch is a deaf-owned company whose executives have significant experience in other successful startups. For further details, contact

Inline image 2


CaptionMatch is a separate endeavor from the CCAC.

CCAC continues with all volunteer energies, new captioning advocacy every day., all volunteers, free membership

Emeli SandĂ© – Heaven

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We’ve learned that wordpress bloggers may re-blog anything, so we searched today for subtitles – as many reading the CCAC blog know, karaoke is a fun form of captioning and subs too!
also now

Free Karaoke

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Tis the Season! CCAC Invites Your Support

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Dear CCAC Members, Friends, Followers, Subscribers, and Captioning Enthusiasts,
Tis the season and CCAC, an official non-profit organization (charity), invites your support to continue and move forward.
Please review some of the pages on the CCAC website, about captioning advocacy, membership, resources, newsletters, and more.
It costs to run the organization every year, even with large amounts of donated energies, professional services, and time from some members.
A significantly larger budget is envisioned to have more influence with government organizations, NGO’s, and corporations; and to continue all advocacy projects, as well as aim for a conference, a webinar, and new activities.
Please go to the giving page on our web to use PayPal –
CCAC also welcomes a private email to discuss major donations (now tax-exempt in the USA), sponsorship, and partnerships.
“No one has ever become poor from giving.” Anne Frank – captioning advocacy non-profit organization, all volunteers.

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