December is the Captioning Season!

December 2, 2012 Comments Off on December is the Captioning Season!

Smile – and talk to family and friends about our needs for quality captioning every day please.

However you plan to enjoy the holidays, understand that millions of people cannot “hear” a full conversation due to deafness or hearing loss – a most common human experience. One in five persons, anyplace, has a hearing loss and may be deaf.


For all, captioning is our language too. Real time captions for comedy shows, for special family gatherings also. Captioning for entertainments, e.g. movies, theaters and puppet shows!

Turning on captioning on the television if all are watching a favorite film during the holidays is an excellent idea. Watching on the Internet? See if there are captions/subtitles available please – and if not, contact them to ask for it (with thanks for your advocacy sincerely).

Arranging for a CART/STTR provider (with you or “remotely via the computer”) to offer full speech-to-text for the holiday  party is another choice.

Going to church? Do you care to hear the sermon and do you want all there to hear enough too? Talk to them about captioning  services -it can be done with good planning.

Noisy restaurants? Does everyone participate? Or does it seem that some fade away and look like they want to crawl under the table? Bringing captioning into many social situations is a major challenge. We read wonderful reports about a restaurant in California for sign language users. Super! Yet most millions with hearing loss, and even some deaf, do not use sign language. We live in the hearing world, are connected to our circles of family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues in the hearing world, and want to “communicate” with everyone in these circles – we speak, and use captioning.

Joy to the world with captioning for all. – we appreciate any donations this season, or anytime; of any size, it helps cover the costs of captioning advocacy; ccac has no paid staff; there is a secure donation system online



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