Sign Language Media Mavens: Caption it using CaptionMatch

December 15, 2012 Comments Off on Sign Language Media Mavens: Caption it using CaptionMatch

Sign Language media needs captioning for all – for millions of others –  to understand your messages, your cause, your creative expressions, and more.

Now a new service online called CaptionMatch offers a way to find a provider who can translate (from ASL or another sign language), transcribe (create a transcript in English or another language), and then add captioning (or subtitles) to the video, film, webinar, whatever. Go to to learn more.










Register there as a “user” (registration is free for users and also for providers), and then when you get a quick email that your registration is complete (usually the same day), go to the site to place your captioning request. There’s a simple form to fill out and submit. As you all know, captioning ranges from broadcast captioning, to real time verbatim CART or STTR, plus combinations and variations such as theater and film captioning. Internet captioning too!

Providers who see the request will get in touch with questions or proposals to do the job for you. You make arrangements with them directly (ask for references or other questions, discuss the fee).

Help us spread these words! 🙂

CaptionMatch was set up by the founder of the CCAC to create more buzz about captioning, to raise awareness of the need, to educate and advocate in new ways, to make the Internet a useful tool for finding captioning where needed, to stimulate the growth of the profession of captioning (all sorts), to make it easier for anyone to ask for captioning of any sort, anytime, via the online system, and to offer providers work if they have extra time.

Overall, the world needs many more providers, and many more requests for captioning. (Keep your eyes open for a new article about “why” folks don’t just ask for it.)

Revenue from CaptionMatch will help cover some of the costs of the CCAC – all volunteers, doing captioning advocacy in many good ways for THREE years now, and celebrating THREE years this coming week on 19 December 2012. (Donations always invited using PayPal on the CCAC website,

Warmest wishes to all for the season. Joy is captioning inclusion universally!

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