Captioning Case Examples Continued…Educational and Advocacy Tools

December 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

Case Examples are wonderful educational tools – and also advocacy tools. Use this one to advocate for yourself, to explain to others what you need for communications and to participate in community events. Or use it for family or a friend, and please tell us how it goes. We’ll publish a few of these, all from the new service online to make captioning happen, If you place a captioning request on it, thanks in advance, since any revenue earned will contribute to the costs of CCAC captioning advocacy.

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CaptionMatch Examples

Case 1 – Museum Lecture

Sam and a group of friends want to go to a special lecture at a local art museum. Sam has a hearing loss, as do two other friends in the group. They require Communication Access via Real Time Captioning (CART/STTR). A couple of months in advance, they contact the museum, asking if CART can be provided for the lecture. The museum responds cautiously, saying that it might be possible, but that they have no experience with CART and they don’t know what the cost might be.

In order to help the museum make a decision, Sam fills out a form on CaptionMatch giving details about the date, time, length of the lecture, and the location. He knows about Remote CART, but feels in this case that onsite CART is necessary. The room will be dark, and there will certainly be questions from the audience which might be hard for a remote CART provider to hear. Sam is concerned that the museum might say that they don’t have enough time to make arrangements, so he adds a deadline for bids on the CaptionMatch form.

After filling on the form on the website, Sam receives an acknowledgement from CaptionMatch that the event will be posted online.

During the course of the next week, several different captioning providers use the website to look at a listing of opportunities to provide services. One of these is quite close to the location of the lecture and submits a brief proposal to offer CART athe lecture. The proposal includes a rough estimate of the cost, but importantly also includes a couple of questions about the event. The provider receives an acknowledgement that their proposal has been submitted to CaptionMatch.

The CART provider’s proposal and questions are sent anonymously to Sam. Sam talks to the museum, giving them the rough estimate of cost, and the museum agrees to offer CART at the event. Sam asks CaptionMatch for the provider contact information, indicating that the museum is willing to pay for CART.

CaptionMatch then sends the selected captioning provider the Sam’s contact information and asks for confirmation that provider will comply with CaptionMatch’s fee agreement. Follow-up discussions about details of the arrangements take place between Sam, the museum, and the CART provider. A match is made!


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§ 2 Responses to Captioning Case Examples Continued…Educational and Advocacy Tools

  • JM says:

    Hello Lauren,

    You might want to contact this excellent online educational site to explain to the staff of Khan Academy about CaptionMatch and its value in captioning the videos. Sal Khan founded this academy by chance when he set up “blackboard” videos of math and other subjects for his neices and nephews years back. It became popular once other people heard of them and sign up to study various subjects on their own time.

    Mr. Khan has done a fantastic job of adding lots of subject matters on this site: [1] and he has called out for volunteers to help with the captioning of videos (no human faces here, just blackboards). Perhaps you are the best advocate to help the Khan Academy with the tool of captioning.

    Take a look at this, if you have a chance – I recommend this site for any deaf/HOH to take online courses without the expenses involved.

    Good luck! Colorado Julia

    • ls says:

      Yes, we know about Khan Academy, and if you know him, please send our warm greetings. Introduce us via an email perhaps?

      There is more and more education online, and all needs access via inclusion of quality captioning.

      There are many volunteers, and their time is valued and precious. We now suggest that volunteers aim to help in specific areas, unless of course they have unlimited time, e.g. for personal short videos of people who have an important message to distribute; for smaller and newer non-profits, and a few others.

      We’d be delighted if Khan Academy and others register on, and then place some “requests” there. They will get a lot of good information from providers now registering with a lot of interest, and indeed, they may be able to assess costs and find it reasonable to set up a trial contract with a good provider.

      As you may know also, there are deaf/deafened/hoh people (like myself) who are leading captioning companies too, and some of those are “with us.”

      Let us know anytime any further suggestions!
      Emails: or for above,

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