Your Group Does Captioning Advocacy? Talks about Captioning? Great!

March 15, 2013 Comments Off on Your Group Does Captioning Advocacy? Talks about Captioning? Great!

There are so many good groups in many countries that do captioning advocacy of different sorts, within wider and different goals and agendas. Send the CCAC your news about captioning advocacy of any sort! Send us your questions. Join us in the CCAC too.

The CCAC is the place to be for captioning advocacy.  The CCAC has one sole mission – advocacy for inclusion of quality captioning! From CART (real time captioning) to video captioning to theater captioning to captioning at sports events and for all media on the Internet.

meeting with CART

CCAC is hub – a great community where members share all sorts of good infomation and news about any sort of captioning – and subtitling, CART, STTR, and related.

Simply email your captioning advocacy news or questions to:  CCACAPTIONING@GMAIL.COM

You may belong to a deaf or Deafness group, a parents group, a hearing loss or deafened group or association. Perhaps you belong to a professional association for your work, any work related to captioning of any sort. You too are invited to share captioning advocacy news in the CCAC.

Or you belong to your own interest or educational groups – an environmental society, or a book club – any circle that has a member with hearing loss. If you have more than five members, you may have many more than one person who no longer hears clearly. How about if you initiate a discussion about having CART at a meeting soon? If you do, good for you! Share your questions or interest in equal communication access with the CCAC.


Deaf agencies, international organizations, technology and arts – we’re all in this together. Think about Captioning inclusion – captioning captures your words for so many others to see and use. – free membership from the short form on the website

Need captioning for anything? Ask at, a service of the CCAC. all volunteers.

P.S. While we search for your news regularly, and distribute it, we know we miss some of it too. And we hope you are publishing CCAC news regularly (send us a copy if you do, thank you.


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