Subtitles and Captions? What’s Your Language?

March 17, 2013 Comments Off on Subtitles and Captions? What’s Your Language?

(50 million in the USA have a hearing loss or deafness. Millions more globally. Not you? Wait and see. 65% of all age 65 they say. Teenager? Noise is dangerous in the ears aka loud music. Not you ever? That’s possible, yet unlikely.)

Going to a community meeting this week? Will there be real time captioning for you? Tell us more please.

What sort of weekly meetings or activities do you usually do? Class? Work? Club? or ?

Want to do a webinar online? Will there be real time captioning?


Taking in a film at the cinema? Easy to find one with subtitles?

Theater or sports event? Accessible for you with real time text?

Doctor visit? Have you ever asked for real time captioning?

woman with hand behind ear

Train ride or bus ride? Is there enough information via real time text? Telling you about the next stop?  emergency information also?

Waiting at the airport? Do you know if your plane is ready to board? If the gate is still the one posted when you entered the airport? Can anyone hear the loudspeaker voices clearly enough?

Do you use subtitles to learn new languages if you travel outside your country?

Do you turn on the subtitles of your children’s television programs? Reading and literacy are important.

Does someone in your family have  a learning difference? Have you talked to them about using subtitles also? For television and for other activities, such as all of above.


CCAC is very interested in the many good reasons to have much more captioning always on and visible for our everyday lives. 

Send us your stories!

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