We Like this Message!

March 29, 2013 Comments Off on We Like this Message!

New message to CCAC:

“The CCAC web, blog, and members’ forum inspired us to try to get CART for (….) and the CCAC film helped make it possible! We showed the film to the board of (…) to raise support and funds. Thank you!”

– and we thank this person for her positive communication!

CCAC Flyer (Poster)

Spread the words. If more use the CCAC membership forum as a hub to share information, create captioning advocacy projects and continue the intelligent discussions we have there (!:-), then we can accomplish the CCAC mission.

New members welcome all the time. Not only for deaf/hoh! The more the better. Your organizations too. There are so many good groups working for the deaf, hoh, and disabled. We want you to join us around captioning advocacy too.

Membership for individuals remains free. And for non profit organizations also.

Go to http://ccacaptioning.org and join us.

See http:?/captionmatch.com to ask for captioning of any sort.


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