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April 21, 2013 Comments Off on CaptionMatch Captures Communications

CCAC is happy to share that a “consumer” organization used CaptionMatch to select a Real Time Captioning (CART) provider for a week long conference recently outside the USA.  The need for access with captioning inclusion is understood well by some organizations!

Where do you next need captioning? All reading. Going to a meeting or conference? Job interview? Ask for it, if you need it to participate, you deserve it.

Find out more  — or email to

Timely planning advised. CCAC created the new online service to make it easier for anyone to ask for any sort of captioning more easily, and to create some concrete support for all the good advocacy done by volunteers regularly. Requests for captioning on CaptionMatch are anonymous (both consumer and provider) until a match is made – until the consumer selects the provider. Then details are exchanged to proceed as usual.

CART in Finland - by Liisa

Read over the FAQ’s on the CaptionMatch site also. It’s also important to know this system, created by generous volunteers, is not to use (yet) on mobile devices – use your laptop of desktop computer please.

What other questions do you have? Cheers for captioning inclusion – captioning captures communications – vital for everyday life. If you are deaf or not, hearing or not, or anything in-between – you know the value of captioning for record-keeping, search engines, translations, and equal communication access.

Local, regional, national or international – we invite you to support CCAC volunteer advocacy by participating and using the new service called CaptionMatch, a clearinghouse. See for good information, education, advocacy, and action.



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