Accentuate the Positive – Emphasis on “Power of Captioning”

April 25, 2013 Comments Off on Accentuate the Positive – Emphasis on “Power of Captioning”

CCAC emphasizes the positive. Captioning consumers and providers know this. If you are a member of the CCAC organization (if not, why not yet?), you know we focus on the value of captioning. Our line is “The Power of Captioning” to highlight the many positive ways captioning helps mega-millions of citizens in our shared world.
Would love to see captions added here:
CCAC is not a captioning company. We are not “selling” anything. CCAC is all volunteers. We are advocates focusing on citizen actions with a heavy emphasis on getting inclusion of quality captioning “where none exists now.” Read more on our web,

We also value group work – this means that CCAC is a large group, a working community, and an actual non-profit organization now, all volunteers who inspire each other, share information, answer questions, and “action” CCAC captioning advocacy projects. The working space is mainly the CCAC members’ forum online.  All actual CCAC members are subscribed to the CCAC forum (or use the web to read our discussions).

We aim for captioning universally. This means that it’s there, we don’t have to ask and ask and ask, over and over again. It’s part of planning for all human conversations and events, anyplace, from school to work to medical and much more – on-site, online, and in all places needed.

CCAC doesn’t yet go into depth on standards (they are most important and we distribute all the information offered), doesn’t distribute “fails” except once in a rare while because it’s too funny or sad to ignore. We talk about inclusion of “quality” captioning, that’s in the CCAC mission statement.

We salute all volunteer captioning advocates! We salute all captioners working to spread the words and as most know, they are life-savers. We’re all in this together. wants your membership and participation. We’re a great group, easy to talk to online. invites your request for captioning or CART. It’s a new service that offers a lot, check it out.

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