Monday Morning Live – Where Do You Want Captioning?

April 29, 2013 Comments Off on Monday Morning Live – Where Do You Want Captioning?

Captioning – Our Language.

What? Huh? Say What? Pardon? Say again please? Some of the ways we manage and get by every day.

We are not dumb, daft, nor dim.

We just cannot understand what you are saying, what your lips are saying with a mustache, your lovely words with a foreign (to us) accent, the sentence due to all the noise around us….

With inclusion of quality real time captioning, we’re with you! We can think together, have fun together, enjoy entertainment together, the tour of the historical house, the community meeting, classes to learn new things, and much more. Ask us about what captioning really means soon.

We deaf, deafened, and people with hearing loss (hoh) are such a glorious huge population. Research estimates almost 50 million in the USA alone, and one out of five globally. Did we say “huge”? No doubt about it at all.



Web for CCAC = – the place for captioning advocacy, local, national, international

Web for CaptionMatch = – the place to find a captioning provider, just ask

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