It’s Such a Hassle! Who Do You Think You Are!?

May 1, 2013 Comments Off on It’s Such a Hassle! Who Do You Think You Are!?

We recently published an article called “The Case for Captioning”  ( 12 reasons people hesitate to ask for captioning or CART they need and deserve, when it’s the best effective communication medium for them.

Continuing to talk to CCAC members and others about this, here’s an update:

People who need Captioning say,

“It’s so much hassle!”

“It’s too confusing.”

“Too many gray areas in the law! Do I really need it?” 

Someone who is asked for Captioning inclusion says,”How dare you ask – why are you criticizing me?!”

…and then rants, criticizing you. 

The final line above is thankfully very rare, yet it happens and it damaging. Even while it’s most likely behavior of a confused person, it results in retreat for self-protection, similar to when someone is bullied. It inhibits asking for access. The question was, “Are there captions for this?” followed by verbal attack.

That person needed a hug!

snoopy hug

The reasons people don’t ask seem to boil down to this – they don’t arrive at full communication access because it’s still a huge hassle to find out where the law applies, they don’t know if they deserve it (due to some residual hearing though speech in many settings in incomprehensible), and they shy away from potential attack (since it actually happens).

The variety of different options for the variety of we millions with hearing loss is also part of the confusion. With a lot of marketing of hearing aids, loops, implants and more, what’s a person with hearing loss to do? While these devices help many, most people who use them also use Captioning in many group situations.

CCAC supports people having choices, encourages use of whatever technologies help the individual, and at the same time, our focus is on captioning inclusion needed by so many and lacking in so many places.  How do we convince others?


(And then there are people who do understand – even if skeptics earlier! see for a report from the UK)



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