Air Travel Access Flyer – Let’s Fly with this! Updates and Info Here Regularly

June 13, 2013 Comments Off on Air Travel Access Flyer – Let’s Fly with this! Updates and Info Here Regularly

Here is the first Flyer for this Air Travel Access Campaign, with more information below. We’ll aim to update this page, this blogpost, regularly, and welcome suggestions. We invite your names – individuals, groups, organizations of all sorts, and companies too –  to get in touch via EMAIL please to express your support and permission to publish your name or the name of your group. Email to soon.

Also very important to contact your own congress people – senators and house representaves! There are various ways to find them online, e.g. try this first:

What to say? You support Senate Bill 556 for access for Air Travels! You need captioning, you pay the same fare as others, and you are sure that for “equal communication access” there are ways to accomplish this soon. Or, your own words of course.

Even if this Bill does not pass and become law at the current time, it is highly important to send your messages – to raise awareness of the need and interest, to educate your government, and to build some energies for future related access for travels and all sorts of tourism for all.

AIRTRAVEL3PDF – click to open for PDF version for you to share and use. The image here can be copied.

For distribution widely please. Get in touch also – we want to talk. Here is the image for you to copy and use. Continue below the flyer here please…

Image version of flyer for Air Travel Access

HERE is another page to contact your own Congresspeople – go to

If you need help on what to say, see CCAC’s comment on Senator Harkin’s own page there, or email

This campaign has a focus on access for all air travel with inclusion of captioning for all entertainment on all flights. We also suggest captioning in airports, and for announcements on board. In general, it’s about ACCESS – equal rights for all – equal access no matter if you are hearing or not, deaf or not, disabled or not.

Do you have any questions about WHY this is needed now? Please email

We also have a “new story” for immediate distribution in your newsletters, web pages, etc. Email for a copy please.

Big thank you to Beth and her team at who volunteered services to create this new flyer for CCAC.


Jun 20, 2013

Press Release For immediate distribution

From the CCAC,

The Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning




Flying from one city to another? Planning travels to other countries? Searching for the best flight information and an affordable ticket? How about accessibility?


Many of us are fortunate to find ways to use air travels, yet at the same time, many of us find air travel to be a daunting adventure without accessible communications, even though we pay the same fare as others.


Accessible for people with hearing loss means real time captioning  and subtitles on media (safety instructions, television, and films on board), and ideally for announcements inside airports also.


In the USA, a new piece of legislation (Senate Bill 556) was introduced by Senator Tom Harkin not long ago, and the CCAC has created a campaign to raise awareness, educate, and find supporters for Air Travel Access.  Even though this law, if it passes in the future, will apply primarily to flights in the USA, it also will affect all air travels into the USA or leaving from the USA. Therefore, we invite international interest and support.


The Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC) focuses on citizen education and advocacy for inclusion of quality captioning universally. Senate Bill 556 that addresses access with captioning and also video description for all air travel inspired the new campaign and flyer (see below).


The flyer describes the rationale for the campaign, and the CCAC invites inquiries and support via email to With permissions, names of individuals, groups, organizations and companies are invited to show support for air travel access. CCAC also encourages all who support this effort to email their own governments and representatives now to express support for air travel access as detailed in Senate Bill 556, or with regional modifications.


Whether this Bill succeeds or not at this time, many believe all efforts now to educate about these needs are timely and vital. As voluntary and enforced compliance with the ADA in the USA, and similar legislation in some other countries, is growing for television, cinema, and the Internet, travel and accessible tourism is a popular and worthy topic also.


Our worlds are more and more interconnected and accessibility is the goal for all travelers. As CCAC says, “Let’s all fly with this effort.” More information here – and on the CCAC website here –


Image version of flyer for Air Travel Access




Other news from CCAC: For an accessible tourism conference in Italy in June 2013, CCAC joined with two members to send a letter expressing support for more visual signage and also captioning for all travels.  Air travel is only one area. Also bus, train, and ferry are important for many.

CCAC is active on social media of LinkedIn, Twitter and also Facebook. If international readers have not found us there yet, please look for CCACaptioning and CaptionMatch to say hello.


Looking for subtitles or captioning of any sort, including real time (CART)?  You are invited to register on, a service from CCAC, an official non-profit organization. CaptionMatch is an exchange where you can find a captioner to fit your needs. Inquiries to


Lauren E. Storck, President of the CCAC






Air Travel Access

June 4, 2013 § 1 Comment

arrival room JFK airport, subtitles for othersCCAC member sent this photo showing subtitles (in foreign language) in arrival area of JFK Airport in New York. Non-USA citizens need to check documents, get information about passports and visas, etc.

This should be “unversal” practice in all airports of the world – with subtitles in a choice of languages – and not only for “non-citizens” arriving in any country, but for all citizens too! With same-language subtitles of course. One in five will use them – not only people with hearing loss, deafened, and deaf, yet others who use text due to differences in learning and language as well (English, for one example, in USA and UK, may not be the person’s “first” language).

CCAC invites others to get involved in an on-going CCAC CAP (Air Travel Access with Captioning) soon. The numbers replying so far are too low. Wondering why.

More information on this on CCAC webpages, esp. tabs of “Advocacy” and “Resources” (under transportation).

CAP = Captioning Advocacy Project.

Fly in a plane with Captions for all media – can’t find it yet? Join us, add your voice.


Captioned Web TV

June 2, 2013 Comments Off on Captioned Web TV

As Jamie knows, we’d love to see the CCAC logo and link on her blog :-).  Meanwhile…check it out there – she is one focused web tv caption advocate!

New information there all the time, well done Jamie!

For millions globally – we need Captioning every day in so many ways. Join the CCAC soon from

Need Captioning of any sort? Use CCAC’s “CaptionMatch” to support advocacy in all places needed – it’s a whole lot more than entertainment – read and if you use it to find a captioner you support CCAC volunteers at the same time :-).

What CART or Captioning do you all need this month? July? August?


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