Sunday of USA Independence Celebrations and…

July 7, 2013 Comments Off on Sunday of USA Independence Celebrations and…

It’s Sunday the 7th of July and all the celebrations during a long week-end are coming to an end. Families are returning home, flags are being folded carefully or will fly for some weeks more, children and older children of all ages are deliciously full of hot-dogs, hamburgers, lobsters for some, corn, berries, and near us, a huge beautiful wedding and another huge birthday bash.

Independence (autonomy) is a good thing. When children, or countries, grow and develop, they find their own ways to sustain themselves, and assert their own values and needs. This is true for all of us, all over the world. At the same time, we are all inter-dependent also. 

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People who need Captioning depend on the awareness and understanding of others. It’s impossible for anyone to participate in full citizenship without resources provided by society. People with disabilities may be the last frontier – something that unites us internationally also – our “country and culture” of equal rights. No matter our many differences, we are able and demand equality, with better communications, connections, and of course captioning to speak volumes! Captioning is our language – a global language.

This article from last year will serve again here – please read and share. Go to

Moving forward:

Join the CCAC and support CCAC volunteers to continue to educate, raise awareness, and advocate. CCAC is all volunteers and is a unique “working community” (and official non-profit organization now) for the mission — Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally. Read more here:

Let’s look forward to the day we can celebrate captioning inclusion without thousands of individuals asking for it, over and over again, because it’s …just there! It sustains our participation, contributions, and independence.



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