Deaf Awareness Week – Captions Are Our Language

September 21, 2013 § 1 Comment

definition of deaf — partial or total inability to hear. –

CART at conference, 2012 (thanks to H & V)

deaf? hard of hearing? have a hearing loss?

born deaf? acquired deafness? deafened?

does your medical record say hearing impaired?

mega millions of us are deaf or have a hearing loss – 48 million in the USA alone – mega millions globally!

flags of the world image

we are not dumb, daft, nor dim!

100% of us want captioning for all media – movies, television, internet, videos, you name it, radio too.

100% of us use other resources also – some help some, others don’t help others – (hearing aids, looping, fm systems, sign language).

For group communications, up to 95% of us use captioning  – live, on-site, real time, more and more streamed to our mobiles remotely by qualified captioners using one of several speech to text systems – it’s our language – we speak, we read, we are included with captioning.

with captioning, we contribute and give back.

From in past years — The last full week in September is Deaf Awareness Week. It is also known as the International Week of the Deaf (or International Week of Deaf People). The purpose of Deaf Awareness Week is to draw attention to deaf people, their accomplishments and their issues.  During this week, many deaf organizations hold activities to celebrate and conduct public information campaigns to educate people about deafness. Companies and agencies often mark the event, and schools, colleges, and universities hold awareness events. 

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long live sign language! and also…

long live captioning – help us raise awareness, educate and advocate for the CCAC mission: inclusion of quality captioning universally


The Right to Closed Captions for Everyone

September 20, 2013 Comments Off on The Right to Closed Captions for Everyone

The Right to Closed Captions for Everyone. is the link – hope this shows now…if not, let me know.


this is a re-blog of someone else’s good article about needs for captioning, with thanks to the author!

Languages – We all deserve to study languages, whatever our choices!

September 10, 2013 Comments Off on Languages – We all deserve to study languages, whatever our choices!

We are happy to highlight this film today for a few good reasons:

a. How wonderful this student whose first language is signing (ASL – American Sign Language) can study a new language, Arabic, to broaden her skills, her horizons, and her knowledge of  world cultures.

b. We hope that all students (deaf, deafened, with hearing loss and others with different language or learning needs) can ask for and be provided with REAL TIME CAPTIONING (also called CART) if they \wish to do the same, and like millions of them, in all levels of schooling.

c. Kudos to Boston University who seems happy to announce today that they have moved from rank 51 up  41 in the rankings published every year in the USA – big jump, and we salute them, having spent a few years there ourselves (post doctoral studies in social gerontology and studying the power of communications online, e.g. the power of support groups online).

We are curious if this student is fluent in English also. Her choice for language learning is SL (sign language) and BU provides it.  Also curious if BU does the same with CART for others, if anyone knows more.

= – CCAC, the place for captioning education and advocacy, local, national, international (official non-profit membership organization).  Join us, support us. – CaptionMatch, the place to find captioning providers, and extra captioning jobs – an exchange (clearinghouse). Supports CCAC, all volunteers.

“If we don’t ask for what we need (captioning), we go round and round in circles of exclusion – and – we don’t get heard. We don’t hear others, and they don’t hear us!” (ls/ccac)

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