Words and Labels – Let’s Communicate!

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Labels and words – sometimes they just create barriers instead of open highways to better collaborations. Read on, with thanks to CCAC member Joyce:


real time captioning at conference

photo of real time captioning at conference


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Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom: Access and Equality at the Cinema

January 6, 2014 § 1 Comment

Movies in the UK – Cinema needs more showings with subtitles!

Richard Turner


I really wanted to go and see the new film about Nelson Mandela called ‘Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’ ever since I first heard about it a few weeks ago. But it proved to be a real challenge trying to find a subtitled show of it that my wife and I could go and see together this weekend.

Last week I looked on the website http://www.yourlocalcinema.com and saw that most of the shows in London were on weekdays at inconvenient times during the day when we wouldn’t be able to attend, especially as my wife works full-time. In fact, there was only one cinema in London with a subtitled show at the weekend, which was on a Sunday lunchtime at the Cineworld multiplex in Enfield.

I was really disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to watch it at our local multiplex, the Vue cinema at Westfield Stratford, and that I would…

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