Fingers do the Talking!

February 28, 2014 Comments Off on Fingers do the Talking!

Hope you enjoy this short video as much as we do!

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FCC Chairman Connects with Us

February 21, 2014 Comments Off on FCC Chairman Connects with Us

There was a lot of excitement this week about an FCC meeting that took up two “petitions” from advocates for equal communication access – petitions first filed in 2004 and 2010. Better late than never! Kudos to all in so many groups who worked on this then, now, and for the future.


One aspect of progress may be that Chairman Tom Wheeler is a new chairman at the FCC. His remarks are found in this great interview here:

And also you can watch the FCC meeting from yesterday (February 20) now online with captioning here:

There’s more excitement to come – if we all find our voices to advocate for quality communications in all places needed! Internet – all media, all webinars, all things with audio! Live real time captioning for all public events! And more!

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Why Are We “Ignored”?

February 19, 2014 Comments Off on Why Are We “Ignored”?

Today, once again, we are confronted by a real situation and the lack of progress getting captioning for an event of importance to someone who is working (for work training) is disheartening. The question the person poses is this, “Why am I ignored?”

It feels bad to be ignored, to put it mildly. It’s an affront. It makes us feel small. Say it however you want to, and see an article we published a few months ago too with some related information: Then consider this —


Consider this – it’s not you, it’s the request that is being ignored. Or turned down. It’s the request that gets nowhere because the organization (event organizer) has no idea where to start. They may also not care at all, yet in many countries, it’s the law to provide equal communication access with quality captioning (especially upon a good request).

In a work situation, it becomes a little tricky- though it’s tricky with physicians and others too! You might feel that your employer should pay for captioning – and when you ask, they seem to lose the request, or challenge your need for it, or say there is no money to pay for it.

What to say or do and not lose your job? The hard truth is that you are worth it.

Captioning is not a huge expense compared to the services you are doing for them and considering what they are paying you (if a lot, lucky you ,and you are definitely worth it; if not much, then you are providing them with more value than they are paying you and captioning is something you deserve).

What other arguments are you using to set up the access you need?

Find an ally to help you keep asking! has a members forum online where we discuss this too and try to help each other.

The website for the CCAC has model letters and advocacy suggestions.

And the CCAC service called CaptionMatch, is ready to help too – check out the information on the CaptionMatch site.



Remote CART Makes Legislature Accessible

February 4, 2014 Comments Off on Remote CART Makes Legislature Accessible

Let’s all just ASK for access we need! If anyone tells you “no” – talk to the CCAC. We enjoyed this report, thank the author and the SWC, and reblog for your reading pleasure!

Is the link, showing? Hope so – here:

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