Remote CART Makes Legislature Accessible

February 4, 2014 Comments Off on Remote CART Makes Legislature Accessible

Let’s all just ASK for access we need! If anyone tells you “no” – talk to the CCAC. We enjoyed this report, thank the author and the SWC, and reblog for your reading pleasure!

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By Chelle George

Last week the Sanderson Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing put out a call for people to come to the state capitol for a show of support for their services and programs. They mentioned they had interpreters available. I’m learning sign language slowly but I’m not near good enough to understand through an interpreter so I asked if they had CART available. There was a day of scrambling but they pulled it together for me.

The session started at 2:00 and the center’s CART person, Julia, also works at the University wouldn’t be out of her class until 2:30.  That’s okay because I like Julia plus knowing in advance helps and what I was mostly there for was a show of support. They decided remote CART would be the fastest solution instead of her traveling to the Capitol eating up more time. The Sanderson Center…

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