Captioning Advocacy Achieves Access

March 8, 2014 § 2 Comments

You Too Can Caption! Special thanks to CCAC member Michele for asking for, and achieving access with quality captioning for this video – and special thanks again to the video maker! Captioning access is healthy, as is exercise! invites your membership today. Numbers count. All voices together create beautiful advocacy and access.

p.s. Michele is very active in many volunteer groups – as many CCAC members are. The CCAC offers a “hub” where anyone can share good captioning advocacy information, ask questions, and find mentoring. The CCAC webpages have many resources too. CCAC’s only mission = Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally. All media, and all public live events, need equal communication access. We ask for captioning. Many ask for captioning for private events too – celebrations, medical consultations, and more. is the email address – let’s talk.



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  • iseewhatyousay says:

    Thank you for this, Lauren. I’ve contacted a lot of people who post videos without captions or with inadequate captions and many do thank me for the heads up. Devin Roberts is the first to respond within a few hours and to correct the captions on her video the same day. Kudos to Devin!!


    • ls says:

      Michele – which link explaining how to DIY captions on YouTube do you use to educate others? We’ve seen and used a few different ones over the years.

      Advocacy = Asking

      Anyone else reading doing the same? Have questions?

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