Chocolates for Captioning Anyone?

March 13, 2014 Comments Off on Chocolates for Captioning Anyone?

Sharing a wonderful fundraising campaign going on this month in Belgium – who wants to create something similar for the CCAC? Chocolate maker? Toasty tidbits of a different sort? Email us soon, and meanwhile, for fun and a tasty treat, watch the video that has excellent access with quality captioning. Bravo, Surdimobil!

(NB: Embedding the video from Facebook does not seem to work here, as it does from YouTube. Find the video here on Facebook:

And on YouTube, voila!


And the text says: 

INFO: The “Chocolate fish” operation edition SURDIMOBIL 2014 begins tomorrow!
From 14 March to 30 April, support us by buying bags of 5 delicious fish in chocolate (5 euros per bag) made by the Liège artisan Franz.

For the Easter of children, to thank the employees at work, to accompany the coffee at breakfast (and 4 h), to give pleasure to her husband (se),… All occasions are good for Surdimobil April fish! (Translated by Bing)


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