Hot off the Press: First Award of CCAC Sponsorship for Free Captioning

March 16, 2014 Comments Off on Hot off the Press: First Award of CCAC Sponsorship for Free Captioning

March 16, 2014

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Hello World,

CCAC is very pleased to announce that the first recipient of the new CCAC Sponsorship for free real time captioning (CART) is awarded to AAMHL – Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss – for a meeting coming up in April in Virginia. Congratulations to them and all involved. Read more about AAHML here –

We’d like to mention and say many thanks to a few people working on this new captioning advocacy effort from the CCAC, and also tell you more about the event, the CCAC’s service to find a provider called CaptionMatch, and about the CART provider selected for this event.

First, thanks to CCAC members who responded to the new call for membership dues in 2014. That’s how this new captioning advocacy program is funded. Starting in a limited way this year, the new program aims to offer sponsorship to 3 non-profit organizations. New applications are invited. Read the guidelines and more details this way – go to this link on the CCAC website:


Next we say special thanks to the team that created the program, and reviews the applications. All are CCAC members. Serving currently on this team are consumers Lauren Storck (CCAC founder and president),. Ann Rodgers, Elsa Dinis-Mcveigh, and captioning providers Kimberly Turnage, and Patti White. It’s a team that spans across a wide geography (eastern USA, western USA, and Germany). CCAC is international, based in MA, USA. Read more:

We also say thanks to Wendy Cheng, the founder and president of AAMHL for getting to know the CCAC community, and using CaptionMatch, the CCAC service that extends education about captioning inclusion by helping others find providers. Read more Image of CaptionMatch Logo

Also a tip of the hat to the provider for this event, Lois Boyle, and her captioning company – read more about her services here: She will be providing “on-site” CART. The event itself is described more on this page –

Let the music play and play. May all events find ways to be inclusive with quality real time captioning.

Lauren Founder and President of the CCAC & CaptionMatch and

P.S. Both captioning providers and consumers are encouraged to spread the word about the CCAC Sponsorship program. Suggest to a non-profit in your area that has not used CART before that there are many benefits of inclusion. Is there an organization that you have wanted access to for some time? Talk to them about the sponsorship program soon. Email to discuss with any questions.


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