Contact Your Candidates Now – Captions Capture the Votes!

April 1, 2014 § 3 Comments

For all to copy and distribute now –  Campaign to urge all USA Candidates for Senate, Congress (House), and Governor to caption (quality subtitle) all their campaign media, and also to caption (live verbatim speech to text or real time captioning) all their public speaking events also.

We’re here to help in every State. Email us now to join the campaign. Your voice counts!

Email to

Flyer for all Candidates and VotersNeed the PDF of this Flyer? Email please.

Need a copy of the model email for candidates? Email today.

Feel like forming a small state team? We’re here to help step by step. Before important elections this November, all across the USA, there are primaries too. Now is the time for you to contact candidates, and help them prepare to make their campaigns accessible. Do they care? Will they listen? Will they get their message across to millions of voters with hearing loss or other language difference?

Look forward to hearing from voters of all ages soon.




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  • brockettk says:

    Please send me a PDF file of this flier.

    Thank you Sincerely, Karen Brockett

    Sent from KB’s iPad


    • ls says:

      If anyone else wants the PDF, please Email to or to

      Karen, we have your email address and just emailed you the flyer and thanks!


      • ls says:

        We now have an address for the PDF of the Flyer for the campaign – go directly here:


        and copy the entire line.

        If anyone has trouble opening it, simply email to if you need a captioner

        CCAC is not a captioning company. We are hundreds of citizen volunteer advocates – the service called CaptionMatch offers a new way to find a provider, compare pricing, and work with the provider you select. The service also raises a few pennies of revenue for the CCAC, an official 501(c)(3) non-profit (charity).

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