Capture the Votes Campaign Update: Maine

April 11, 2014 Comments Off on Capture the Votes Campaign Update: Maine

Today yours truly contacted the two candidates for Governor in Maine – the Republican and the Democrat.

One replied right away saying they caption all their TV ads. We replied right away and said:

a. TV is good. We are also asking for quality cc on all videos – on their media online. We pointed to their video on the candidate’s campaign site  – it had only poor quality automatic YouTube cc. We asked them to update that and correct it ASAP and if they did so, to tell us. When they tell us, we’ll give national recognition to them here!

b. We also told them the campaign is asking for Real Time Captioning of the candidates’ live public events. We suggested that if they need more information for that, just to ask us. And we told them if they did that soon, and informed us, they’d be the first in the USA to do this in response to our campaign, and we’d give the national thanks.

Step by step – whom are you contacting in your State today? Governor, Senate, or House candidates? 

Please cc to us when you do – cc to or cc to

Get the message? Step by step – we will make a difference with your help.


We are merely asking for equal communication access. It’s the law.



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