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Volunteers in all states invited! We have some super volunteers in a few states already – we need you also please. A few minutes a day will make a huge difference, not only for the CCAC mission of inclusion of quality captioning universally, but also for this election year 2014 across the USA.

Read updated information in two places:

1. The webpage for the campaign:

Tell us what other information you need. Email to

2. The social media Facebook page for the campaign: add your voice here –

Why? Informed voting is the best sort of voting. You want to know what the candidates are saying, all of them. You have a hearing difference, or a language difference, or you just know that reading the words in any large setting is going to be catch- as- catch- can for you (noisy background, lack of microphone, can’t see the candidate due to tall folks in front of you!). We hope you, yes you,  ask for Real Time Captioning (CART) today, from the candidates.

hand at voting machine and 3 languages shown, English, Chinese, Spanish

Best to ask both Republican and also the Democrat candidate in your State please – for all or one office in a contest for Senate, Governor, or House.

All states have elections in November for the House. There may be primaries between now and the summer. Some states also have Senate races, and Governor races. Let us know which candidates you are contacting.

Need help to get started? No problem, email us. Read the pages above for more information too.

Voting is important – your voice counts, and your participation in this advocacy will be appreciated!

Any questions? – non-profit, all volunteer, join us, or not, get involved in this campaign for communication access and inclusion – with your participation, we’ll move forward in many good ways.

CAPTIONS CAPTURE THE VOTES campaign is asking candidates to use quality captioning on all media (this means all videos on the Internet too), and for at least one public event also. First 10 candidates to show us that quality campaign video – we’ll publish it on the CCAC YouTube Channel. Tell them. First candidate to show us a public event with real time captioning, we’ll distribute kudos to that candidate widely among huge interested circles.


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