Why Not Caption?

April 25, 2014 § 2 Comments

Saying it like it is. Few write better than Michele:



by Michele Linder

Here in the United States, we enjoy a high rate of captioning on television (though we still have our frustrations when we come across an exempt program or one where the rules have not been enforced), but New Zealand’s rate of public broadcasting captioning is less than 25%, a level well below some third world countries.  Unfortunately, you’ll find those who argue vehemently as to why a higher rate of captioning cannot be achieved.  You’ll even find people who make excuses as to why captioning shouldn’t be provided.


I was recently asked to write an article for Caption It New Zealand.  Below is the article which first appeared on their website:


Why wouldn’t you caption? “…when you look at the adverse effects of exclusion, and consider the very weighty costs to our society, clearly, the benefits of providing captioning far outweigh any monetary cost incurred to provide…

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  • iseewhatyousay says:

    Thank you, Lauren. I’ll have to say that the whole exchange that developed when Robyn Carter was chewed up and spit out (that didn’t even phase her… she’s one tough cookie) by *Whale Oil Beef Hooked* really gave me some good food for thought. Much of what I wrote in this article was taken from comments I posted in support of Robyn, so when she asked if I would put something together for her to post on *Caption It New Zealand,* I was able to do that relatively quickly (I was on holiday in Vienna) by reworking my comments and adding a few things that I had written on other occasions.

    Advocacy peeps, keep everything you write (even comments you make on other websites) in a folder where you have easy access to it. When you do, it becomes almost automatic that you can put together a well-thought out writing together in a short time. No need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to composing advocacy articles, emails and letters.

    Michele Linder SayWhatClub Social Media

    • ls says:

      Thanks again Michele – hope Robyn is reading too :-). And for those less familiar with NZ news, they have an energetic project going on to advocate for caption TV in NZ which seems far behind some other countries (English speaking at least, but also much of Europe). We’ve shared information about it on the CCAC Captioning Facebook pages too. Best wishes to them!

      Guest blogposts about captioning topics always invited here! Submit them via email if I don’t happen to notice your own publication, everyone reading please. Email to CCACaptioning@gmail.com

      Join and open a discussion for CCAC membership – we maintain a members’ online forum that has been most useful and supportive and educational and inspirational for over four years now – have I left any good adjective out there? Smile.


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