Why Caption?

April 27, 2014 § 1 Comment

Why Caption? It’s the language of mega-millions of people globally.  It really is!



The Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning, the CCAC,  sees several new energies interested in the value of captioning inclusion – among many individuals, non-profits and commercial ventures as well, since the CCAC was created in December 2009.  By this December of 2014, with five years of volunteers’ efforts, it seems that the world may be learning much more and catching up with the CCAC mission!

CCAC Mission – Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally.

Of course it’s not only due to the CCAC, not at all. For about three decades, good folks and other groups have asked for the same, in different ways, on different levels, for different things, and with varying degrees of “loudness” and some good success also!

CCAC, the Mother Organization of Captioning Advocacy. First and still unique due to (a) sole focus on captioning education, raising awareness, and captioning advocacy, (b) all volunteers, (c) official non-profit organization, and (d) doing advocacy locally, nationally, and internationally. Saluting our membership, friends, and all who nourish so many others also striving to caption the world for equality and inclusion.

CCAC, created at the end of 2009, achieved 501(c)(3) status in 2012-2013, now with hundreds of actual members, thousands more on social media, and welcoming new members and supporters regularly.

We invite all others, individuals and groups, to join and work with the CCAC – together, a vision of a captioned world may become a reality faster, sooner, in our lifetimes!

Say it any way you like – caption the world,  billions word march, one word at a time, subtitles rock, we love captioning, speech-to-text is next, text interpreting is inclusion, caption everything, caption up, caption access, subtitles now, communication access, captioning is action, you get the idea :-).

Captioning communicates. The CCAC – The place to be for Captioning Advocacy. Your membership is invited. If you care about equality, and captioning for all, join us. Go to the CCAC webpages to read more, and then click here:  http://ccacaptioning.org/join/


Read more on http://CCACaptioning.org

Email: CCACaptioning@gmail.com

You are invited! Your voice counts!


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  • ls says:

    To dot coms – we don’t publish free advertising here. Happy you enjoyed our blogpost! and sincere good luck with your adventures in offering captioning services. If you are not a dot.com, or if you’d like to support the CCAC, email CCACaptioning.org (all volunteers).
    P.S. All who support the CCAC mission, including providers, invited to join the CCAC. Learn more from our webpages, http://CCACaptioning.org.

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