First Success of CCAC initiative “Captions Capture the Votes!” Candidate Cicotte in WA

May 7, 2014 Comments Off on First Success of CCAC initiative “Captions Capture the Votes!” Candidate Cicotte in WA

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After talking with the CCAC project called “CAPTIONS CAPTURE THE VOTES!” – read more on this link,¬† – Candidate George Cicotte, 4th District ¬†Congressional candidate in WA State, quickly updated his campaign video with quality captioning (instead of machine captions which are poor quality and not attractive).

He, with Scott’s help, are talking to us now about how to schedule a live event with quality real time captioning for all in the audience – we’ll keep you posted.

Why quality speech to text for all media and for public events too? For access, for equal communications, for the message of all candidates to reach all concerned voters. It’s as simple as that. Not only millions of people who have hearing loss or deafness, but also many more with different language backgrounds, use and rely on quality captioning.

Captions Capture the Votes is a non-partisan campaign. Candidates of both parties (Republican and Democrat) are contacted with the same message – we educate and advocate for equal communication access. Captioning is our language too.

Those candidates who reply to us and also update their media, and also plan at least one public event with real time captioning asap will be thanked in our many public networks, and that video will play on the CCAC YouTube Channel for up to 8 weeks.

Volunteers across the USA, CCAC members and others, are invited to join this captioning advocacy project now. As primaries are completed, it will become even more important for candidates to caption their campaigns – to get their own messages out to voters.

We all know that some are disenchanted with government. We know there is a lot of “partisan” bickering. We also know that candidates who care – in both parties – will listen to this need. We need captioning to make good choices. Voting is important. ¬†And helping many more understand the need for quality captioning on media, and for public (and many private) everyday life things is very important too.

Captions Capture the Votes is a non-partisan campaign. We say public thanks to those candidates who hear our important message, and “action” equal access with quality captioning, here and at least in four other places (this blog, our membership online, social media with over 2000 friends on Facebook alone, other social media, news releases, and more).

Thanks again to Candidate George Cicotte in WA 4th District. See one of his videos here – click on it.

Contact other candidates soon. This project focuses on talking to all Congress (House) candidates, all hundreds of them if enough volunteers join the effort, and to Senate and Governor candidates in those States where elections are being held for those positions this year 2014 (over half the 50 states).

Carry on – care about quality communications – and captioning the message, on videos, and in live presentations and speeches. It’s the right thing to do!

Volunteers – please email soon to help –

Candidates – we are here with information and resources to help you “action” this ASAP. You will not regret it. Email soon.










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