Elections 2014 – Make Your Voice Count for Captioning!

June 24, 2014 Comments Off on Elections 2014 – Make Your Voice Count for Captioning!

PRIMARY  elections are happening today in six USA states – and over and done in others.

JOIN us in a new way to advocate for the captioning so many millions of us need – Captions Capture the Votes is a captioning advocacy project that needs you now.  Captions give us equal access to the information needed to vote as an informed citizen.



NOW is the time for all voters who care about equal communication access to contact the main candidates in your voting area (for Senate, House, and Governor) and ask for QUALITY CAPTIONING on all campaign videos online, and also at least one event with live, realtime captioning (CART).

ARE  you with us or dropping out?

YOU say you are not political? Think again. Life is political. This is a non-partisan campaign.

WE ask you to contact both candidates (Republican and Democrat) yet if you contact only one, that’s up to you – please let us know and we’ll message the other one!

MESSAGE?  It’s very simple – include quality cc on all campaign videos online (not awful machine only automatic captions) and plan (and tell us about) at least one live event with realtime captioning soon (for example, a candidates’ debate).


DON’T wait  – join us now in this Captioning Advocacy Project. It educates, raises awareness, and who knows? We may find a few candidates who understand the need and do it!

Read more here: http://ccacaptioning.org/captions-capture-the-votes/

Email CCAC anytime: CCACaptioning@gmail.com or CapturetheVotes@CCACaptioning

Captioning communicates, invigorates, and rates!









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