The Best 6 Political Campaign Ads of the Summer (So Far)

July 18, 2014 Comments Off on The Best 6 Political Campaign Ads of the Summer (So Far)

How Totally Wonderful that TIME has added Quality Captioning for these political ads! Thank you TIME! Tell the candidates that their ads on their own webpages have no access! No quality cc for millions of voters. We invite your interest in this non-partisan campaign called “Captions Capture the Votes!” – Read more here:
(Candidate in ME – only this one is cc’d of course since only Signing is used – by the way, 99% of deaf/deafeend/hoh do not use sign language – we use captioning, the world’s language.)


These are the dog days of election year politics. The fields are mostly set, and the final battle is still too far away to matter much. Plus, who wants to think about politics in summer? The answer: The campaign ad makers. Political Mad Men have no problem working the heat into their spots, or doing even better by making political spots so compelling we can’t look away even when we would rather be swimming.

So without further ado, here is our take on 2014’s top 6 political ads of the summer, so far.

6.”Sunshine” – Charlie Crist, Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida
[time-brightcove videoid=3670878484001]

Charlie Crist pays homage to the sunshine state of Florida through this ad’s theme. The high-quality video clearly outlines what Crist accomplished in his last term and what his goals are should he be reelected, which gives viewers a clear picture of what this candidate…

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