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August 4, 2014 Comments Off on Lessons Learned

Michele is also a CCAC member and we are honored to have her participation :-). This is not about captioning per se – yet some encouragement for us all. There are always new things to learn, dips as she says (challenges and changes), and resources to discover. Use whatever connections and networks you can find! Best to all, Lauren/President/CCACaptioning.org


By Michele Linder

On the SayWhatClub email lists we often talk about our experiences and challenges, and we vent when our hearing ability changes, whether those changes come through progressive loss or through a change in device.  Often we are looking for the lesson in the difficulties we face.

And, yes, there is a lesson.  It’s a hard one to learn over and over again, though surely worth it if we can stick it out.

Take it from someone who has never found benefit with hearing aids… you just have to learn to live with less and less and still be you.  That’s true for anyone with a progressive hearing loss, whether they are aided or not, just as it’s true for anyone who faces a different life than how they started out.

What have I learned in almost 50 years of losing my hearing?  You have to give yourself…

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