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CAPTIONING – there are many ways to shout about the vitality and necessity and wonderfulness of captioning – yet we continue to meet people that really don’t know what we are talking about!  Honestly – they are not sure what it is….


WE continue to search for phrases that will catch attention e.g Captioning Communicates or Captioning Captures the Words.  This is our newest! Captioning is an eye-opener!

SOME friends and others talk only about “subtitles” for movies and television. Some know that captions are very similar to subtitles, and some know that we need them on all Internet media now also (all videos).

SOME have read about “live” or “realtime” captioning – or “speech-to-text” yet have never yet seen it live – have no local place to see RTC (also called CART, CART Captioning, Text Interpreting and also STTR in various different counties) in action.

WHO are these “some” and “we” we’re part of and concerned about? Mega-millions globally! We need quality captioning for access and inclusion due to hearing loss, deafness, tinnitus, different learning styles, visual learners, language learners, for translations globally, and for many others who prefer quality captioning in all noisy situations (e.g. sports bars) and also in quiet situations (medical center waiting rooms with the TV on all the time). Mega-millions!

LET”S hear your story —

WHERE and why and when do you have the captions on? Where was the first time you saw live captioning?

CAPTIONING is an eye-opener! Why? It brings us back into communications and relationships – that’s life and that’s what is healthy for all.




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  • lyndasharp2 says:

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    So essential to promote and repromote again and again to retain quality of provision by broadcasters. Take BBC for example, the change of captioning/subtitles software produced gibbishish phonetics which makes for greater imagination. A pity as the previous software was dumped for the cheaper sluggish option. An ongoing battle between assertive campaigners and the penny pinching economists is the sad reality here in UK!

    • ls says:

      Hello Lynda and happy to have your comment here! Please consider joining the CCAC also – we welcome all who support our mission of “Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally.” More information here –

      CCAC has messaged the BBC several times in the past. We are here to offer a “letter of support” to UK individuals or groups who want the CCAC to do that (via emails).

      Meanwhile, best wishes for all local efforts and your assertive campaigners!
      Lauren/president of the CCAC, all volunteers

    • ls says:

      Thanks for “spreading the words”! Hoorah for Captioning inclusion.
      No barriers – Equal Communication Access.


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