True for Sign Language Users Also – English is Vital

October 28, 2014 Comments Off on True for Sign Language Users Also – English is Vital

This article (see below) caught our attention today – it’s about a place in England – where teaching English is important, but of course.

English – Or – the Language of your own country – is vital.

image of key and text says "language is key"

Fact – Language is life.

Fact – Millions of people have a hearing loss, many millions.

Myth – All or most people with hearing loss use sign language.

Fact – Most people with hearing loss don’t use sign language.

Fact – Even for those who must and do use SL, learning English is still most important.

Fact – To thrive though the years, form meaningful relationships, learn, work, “be happy” –  language is a vital human ingredient.

Mega-millions of world citizens use captioning for language – if there’s a hearing loss (one in five globally!), to learn to read, to learn a new language (very useful!), in noisy environments, to have a ready record (transcript) and for other good reasons – better believe it.

Sign languages are vital for some born deaf. These children, and adults, want to learn the language of their country too. It’s vital, and if, in the past it was rare to see, it’s growing now and this “bilingualism” is the place to be.

Along with the CCAC – the place to be for captioning advocacy. Join and become involved.

Here’s the article:

Here’s where to find the CCAC –

What can you do to help? The CCAC mission – inclusion of quality captioning universally.


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