What?! No Captions at Movies – Not Right

December 11, 2014 § 5 Comments

A Night at the Movies Part 2.

Reblogging this – don’t know author but sure know the feelings – read on.

CCAC – the place 2 B 4 captioning advocacy!

Join today – from the webpages, http://CCACaptioning.org – email with any questions. Open to all who support the mission – inclusion of quality captioning universally.

We offered to send a CCAC “letter of support” for/with her, if we are contacted.

By the way, yours truly is waiting for weeks for a reply from a local independent cinema (in Massachusetts) for a polite request for captioning. No reply at all yet.  Do we find time to advocate again and again? In spite of all the new laws and happy news (there is progress, for sure), this happens all over the place.

Your thoughts dear readers?

Captions? It ain’t all about movies either :-).



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  • I am the author of A Night at the Movies Part 2. I thank you very much for reposting this. I am at a loss right now of what to do. I wrote a letter to the editor of our paper and that was published. I am at a loss with the theater. A new update they did have captioning available but I didn’t look deaf enough for them to use it. That will be in my Night at the Movies Part 3.

    • ls says:

      Hello and so happy to meet you! Whatever you do next or whatever happens next, your advocacy so far is great.
      How may we help, only if you want us to? For example, I can email the theater again with you – email me? (send me a draft or tell me more in an email). Their ignorance (you don’t look deaf enough? ugh!) is huge, clearly, and sadly.
      Email to CCACaptioning@gmail.com
      I’m the founder and president of the CCAC, all volunteers, deafened, and hope to talk soon.

  • ls says:

    Hello again, I sent you an email today – hope you see it and look forward to your reply there.

  • ls says:

    Update: we sent a CCAC letter of support (with the consumer who wrote the blog) by email to the theater and they replied very quickly today, just telling us there are devices in the theater. No apology. No offer of any free tickets for the lack of access earlier. Most theaters do offer free tickets for the customer who was not able to enjoy the movie with needed captions for any reason.

    We told them our job was to educate, and even if we don’t “look” or “sound” deaf, we are truly needing captioning for access (we may sound normal, we are oral and many of us have acquired hearing loss), it’s the law, etc.

    Also, today, I sent a 2nd (personal) letter to my own local neighborhood theater, also a small independent one, also one that has gone digital during the last year. They did not reply at all to the first attempt to contact them – I hope they reply soon to my 2nd try. If they don’t. any thoughts and suggestions welcome.

    Another CCAC member has suggested we both contact the “corporate” offices of these theaters – yet being independents, there are no other corporate entitities. However, we can create a local community campaign. This all takes time, more time, and persistence of course. Life goes on.

    Sharing, and hope YOUR movie theaters, wherever you are in the USA or world, become educated and let you know that they have captioned films.

    Persistence, patience, perseverance = advocacy for yourself and many others!

    • ls says:

      December 17:
      The consumer is still waiting for a better reply from the theater. She’s published a new blogpost also – check it out.

      We suggested (to the theater) that the theater may want to send an apology and a free ticket, but this is up to them. We hope everyone’s next experience at this theater is much better – with Captioning as soon as requested, with systems that work, and polite service.

      Yes, we are “deaf/hoh” enough! We cannot “hear” the dialogue – we hear mush. Maybe they can understand that :-).

      By the way, my local theater received a second request from me. No reply at all. I believe that ALL digital movie theaters across the USA, starting in 2015, must offer captioning when requested to do so – by a new law.

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