Celebrate Captioning Happening with the CCAC

February 26, 2015 Comments Off on Celebrate Captioning Happening with the CCAC

CCAC is so busy making captioning happen that we don’t have time to write a new post! Yet we hope you find this short one good enough to re-blog and share in your own networks, newsletters, and more – around the world.


CCAC has awarded funds to three Conferences in recent days so they can include live captioning! Our programs remind conference organizers that access with quality live captioning creates access and inclusion – and it’s vital.

CCAC contributed to a February 2015 huge women’s conference!

photo of Women's Conference with captioning on bottom of large screen on stage

Huge screen on left shows live captioning.

And to a March event online with captioning – for a diverse technology group of young folks and others who want to help others enter technology careers.

And just approved a September 2015 event that offers live captioning for a wonderful outdoor week with meetings/group discussion in the evenings (to be captioned, with CCAC funds contributing).

More about these events and the two CCAC programs here: contribute and participate!  Read http://ccacaptioning.org/ccac-sponsorship-for-cart-a-new-captioning-advocacy-program/

CCAC speaks captioning!

http://CCACaptioning.org – the place 2 b 4 captioning advoacy

email CCACaptioning@gmail.com

Making captioning happen!

Special THANKS to all who contribute and also join the CCAC. See webpages.


SuperBowl Accessibility

February 2, 2015 Comments Off on SuperBowl Accessibility

Thanks to Bill for capturing this screenshot – and kudos to NBC online for live streaming with CC.
All videos and live media online must have quality CC – it’
s the right thing to do.
http://CCACaptioning.org/join – the place 2 B 4 captioning advocacy, join today


ASL National Anthem at Superbowl Inset of ASL Interpretation of the National Anthem was broadcast in full on the NBCSports.com stream

CC Options on the NBCSports.com Video Player Demo of the caption options available on the NBCSports.com live video feed, live streaming captions on the Superbowl

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