New York Times Videos Have No Captioning! Help Advocate:

March 20, 2015 § 4 Comments

It’s 2015 and the New York Times, a global news company, has no quality captioning on any of their many videos online! Please help advocate now by a message to any or all of the contacts below, using emails, twitter or any other methods to advocate. If you want to send a message with us, just email to be your co-sender or co-author. Let’s advocate!


Vital for Informed Citizenship: Advocate to the NEW YORK TIMES to create access with Quality Captioning on all their videos online. Millions are waiting too long.

Many good ideas are under discussion in the CCAC forum online too – join to participate, or email CCAC. Some suggest volunteers do captioning for the New York Times and some say it’s their job! Some want legal action. Talk to the NAD about their ideas too.

To advocate now, contact some or all of the following, using emails, social media, your other networks. Let us know if you do and let us know if they reply (so far, only a “brush off” reply similar to one CCAC got two years ago!).

New Hashtag for Tweets = #NYTimesCCvital – find, follow and use this with CCAC – on Twitter, here: here’s some MORE contact info – give it a go, now or soon, thanks if you do!

Want more from The New York Times?





Tell them we are tired of waiting for access with Quality CC; refer them to, and/or, do it your way!

Cheers for the CCAC captioning advocacy and all helping with this, in whatever way you can.

Newest way to contact video folks at NYTimes – let’s get a good reply!

Using Emails:;;,,, nytimesnews@nytimes,com, – find more, they have many many email addresses – use one, some or all.

Using Twitter: try this one first @palafo (; also @daniellerha and @jorcohen;@nytimestech

Using LinkedIn, the video department: – let’s do it together, thanks if you do!

Useful on the NYTimes youtube channel, leave a comment on any or all videos there, none have CC! See

And here’s another place to talk to NYTimes – see CCAC comment and add yours: and also here,


Dear NYTimes,

How much longer do millions have to wait for access to your online videos? Whom to talk to there directly please? Videos online need quality CC (not machine) ASAP.. We’ve been trying to reach your communications department, video department, and others, without any replies other than the same one line we got two years ago, i.e. “that’s an interesting question.”
48 million Amerricans and many more globally have a hearing loss. MIT and Harvard have been sued for lack of CC for their online educational media, plus many other companies. Is the NYTimes waiting for legal action to force this? Please answer us.
We represent our official non-profit (the CCAC) and many concerned others. Let’s open a good conversation with the right person there to learn more, and help you “action” access soon.
L.E. Storck
Founder and President, – CCAC is all volunteers, international, and an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization
MARCH 21  – GREAT NEW STEP in the CCAC Captioning Advocacy campaign ongoing now to the NEW YORK TIMES. Thanks to CCAC Members Michael L and Claude A for adding quality CC to some NYTIMES videos. NYTimes is doing none! Time for them to step up to the modern world. Go to:
or start here:
and there are more too! Find them on Amara – search for New York Times.
Good step eh? How we love the CCAC – Join us soon!

§ 4 Responses to New York Times Videos Have No Captioning! Help Advocate:

  • Thanks to Lauren and all CCAC members who have put together this campaign. Surely, considering the existing stats on hearing issues, some staff of the NYT must have at least one deaf or hard of hearing relative or friend, or be deaf or hard of hearing themselves. Or know there is a fairly strong probability they’ll become so at some point in their lives.

    So they should not only caption their videos out of “altruism”, but in their own interest, including their business interest: irritating such a proportion of their users and their potential users by not captioning their videos is bad for business too. Conversely, if they did closed-caption them, the caption content would be indexed by search engines.

    About the “adding quality CC to some NYTIMES video” facet of this campaign: due to the quick response, for instance on Amara, Michael and I have decided we also needed a tool listing all videos added to the project, and enabling the discussion of possible issues for each and in general. So Michael set up for that. It is really simple to use, and further explanations can be found in

    • ls says:

      Thanks for all you are doing Claude, and as you say also, we applaud all CCAC members’ many volunteer efforts in the current active CCAC Campaign for the NEW YORK TIMES to enter the modern world and include quality CC on all videos.

      We and many others have contacted the NYT over two years at least about this exclusion due to lack of equal communication access. We and many others wonder if they are waiting for legal action. We and many others wonder if they will reply to us, and not use “cost” or “technology” as a poor excuse.

      We are asking Michael and you please to add the CCAC short paragraph to the Trello main page – see comment – to tell others about other CCAC efforts in this campaign also, and we will continue to tell as many networks as possible about your CC’ing videos FOR the NYTIMES, hoping to push this giant company forward! Best wishes, LS for CCAC Organization

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