Full Access – Nothing Like It!

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CCAC member learning more about Live Captioning – great report. Thanks Sara! (Send the news to the CCAC forum to). Cheers, LS

Full communication access for all is a many splendid thing, as Sara reports here. Next time we hope they include live captioning for the breakout sessions too, via early planning, finding a sponsor, planning. .

Musings of a Momma

IMG_0199My husband and I traveled to a beautiful MN resort this past weekend.  It was a weekend away, around our 15 year wedding anniversary and we were there to learn.  Chad and I went to a conference called 2015 Collaborative Experience for Parents and Professionals of Deaf, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing.  This conference was put on by Commission of Deaf, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing, MN Hands and Voices and a few other organizations.  We arrived Friday afternoon and headed home Sunday afternoon.  It was a weekend of learning, meeting people, laughing and enjoying each other.

While there we learned so much and probably could write a post on each thing I saw and learned I am going to focus this on one point that was brought up at the very end of the day on Sunday.  One of the keynote speakers we had during the weekend was…

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