Captioning Advocacy – Sing it with the CCAC

May 28, 2015 Comments Off on Captioning Advocacy – Sing it with the CCAC

Captioning is a solution for inclusion of mega-mega-millions of us, globally, not only with hearing loss or deafness, but for many other good reasons.

Captioning must be there for “everyone” in any audience, and it’s a “universal” solution since it serves so many others too (see above). CCAC has said this for 5 years (since day one of the CCAC) and has inspired others also to say the same.

Of course some people who are blind or have other needs will not use captioning and will require other resources (and many low vision people do want and use captioning also, they are members also in the CCAC).

The important point is that many in any audience will use captioning, if not for everything all speakers say or do (or use media captioning), but for part of it or in many common situations where it’s needed (even by hearing people, e.g. noisy places, or not wanting to use audio in order not to disturb others, and more).

In a perfect world, all we mega-millions would have a combination of all the various and coming-soon technologies at low cost to try and use in all places. Until then, sing it – CCAC mission = Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally – Join, what are you waiting for?

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