Let’s Talk Captioning! New Video

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Video about Captioning Advocacy hot off the press today:


CCAC – the place to be for Captioning Advocacy



Out of the Mouths of Babes – #CaptiontheWorld

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A new video – and the more the better – about quality captioning needed on all videos.

First a reminder about what CCAC calls “The Power of Captioning” –

Quality captioning is not only for people who are hard of hearing or deaf. It boosts search engines (they find text) so more of the world can find your video; it allows easier translations; it helps others learn new languages; captions are used by many others also (people with autism, tinnitus and no hearing loss, more). Captions ON in noisy places helps everyone (restaurants, waiting rooms, entertainment places, work cubicles).




Captioning communicates! CCACaptioning.org – the place to be for captioning advocacy, all volunteers, official non-profit, Have you joined us yet? If not, now is the time.

June 16 We Talk Captioning -Come Along on Twitter with AXSChat Hosts

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Chat Questions for tomorrow’s discussion.

Read more here: AXSChat.com


here: https://twitter.com/AXSChat/status/610385944714313728


here: http://axschat.com/schedule-of-events/


It’s about time, past time, needs must! Captioning is the world’s language. It’s not only for deaf, deafened and people with hearing loss (though mega-millions of us refuse to be “left out” any longer).





EDUCATION – Live Captioning Job Opening

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From a CCAC member – CART job opening – Hooray for access and inclusion with quality live captioning for all students who need it, want it, and deserve it.

Education is a many-splendid thing! #CaptiontheWorld

Good News!!!  There is still time to apply!  The University of Wisconsin staff CART provider position recruitment has been extended until July 8, 2015!

Join the University of Wisconsin, McBurney Disability Resource Center Deaf and Hard of Hearing team. Learn something new every day!  We provide captioning to approximately 30 Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) students.  We have one of the largest CART teams in the country and are growing quickly!  We employ 7 staff and hourly CART providers.  We work in classes from Anthropology to Zoology for students working on bachelors to PhDs!


CART providers at UW-Madison receive a full State of Wisconsin benefits package which includes, paid time off (generous vacation time, personal holiday, and paid legal holidays), insurance options (health, life, and dental), retirement plan options (State of Wisconsin Retirement System, Deferred Compensation, Tax-Sheltered Annuity) and professional development opportunities!  All CART equipment and software is provided.


Application materials due July 8, 2015.
View our full job description




Sarah Falsey RPR, CRR, CCP
Lead Captioner and Coordinator
CART Provider
University of Wisconsin-Madison
McBurney Disability Resource Center
702 W. Johnson St.
Madison, WI 53715
608-263-2741 (Voice-Front Desk Number)
608-225-7956 (Front Desk Text Number)
608-229-1289 (Video Phone)
608-265-2998 (Fax)

Online Tuesday June 16 – All invited – Captioning and Technology Matters

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See https://twitter.com/AXSChat/status/610385944714313728 – All invited.



My favourite Deaf/HOH related blogs!

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We are introduced to this blogger today – and happy to re-blog her useful listing. CCAC has one mission – Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally. At the same time, while captioning serves so many millions, the majority of our members and fans, followers, and friends have a hearing loss, are deafened, or deaf. Join the CCAC also – the more the better to #CaptiontheWolrd. Go to http://CCACaptioning.org to learn more.
(Please note that the suggested donation is waived if a hardship for anyone. All revenue goes solely for captioning advocacy. CCAC is an official 501(c)3 non-profit and all volunteers. We advocate locally, nationally, and internationally. Hope to talk with you all soon.)

Deafie Blogger

Before I started blogging, I only knew very few Deaf/HOH related blogs and ever since this and my Twitter page started, it opened a whole new door for me! After weeks of reading through blogs, posting on Facebook and Twitter, I have finally shortlisted my top ’20’ Deaf/HOH related blogs! Hope you’ll find something of interest to read.

So, I went from all these lovely blogs…

Deaf/HOH related blogs

…To my final 20!

#1 – Limping Chicken

My favourite place to check out all the latest deaf news and blogs, it’s the ‘most popular deaf blog in the world’!

Limping Chicken's Blog

#2 – Charlie Swinbourne

Deaf Journalist, Scriptwriter and Photographer… this blog is a fantastic insight into his life and I’m loving his award-winning short film! Have you seen it?

Charlie Swinbourne's Blog

#3 – Deaf Expressions

Although this blog is written in relation to ASL, it’s humorous and engaging! I can relate to a lot of things that…

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