EDUCATION – Live Captioning Job Opening

June 15, 2015 Comments Off on EDUCATION – Live Captioning Job Opening

From a CCAC member – CART job opening – Hooray for access and inclusion with quality live captioning for all students who need it, want it, and deserve it.

Education is a many-splendid thing! #CaptiontheWorld

Good News!!!  There is still time to apply!  The University of Wisconsin staff CART provider position recruitment has been extended until July 8, 2015!

Join the University of Wisconsin, McBurney Disability Resource Center Deaf and Hard of Hearing team. Learn something new every day!  We provide captioning to approximately 30 Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) students.  We have one of the largest CART teams in the country and are growing quickly!  We employ 7 staff and hourly CART providers.  We work in classes from Anthropology to Zoology for students working on bachelors to PhDs!


CART providers at UW-Madison receive a full State of Wisconsin benefits package which includes, paid time off (generous vacation time, personal holiday, and paid legal holidays), insurance options (health, life, and dental), retirement plan options (State of Wisconsin Retirement System, Deferred Compensation, Tax-Sheltered Annuity) and professional development opportunities!  All CART equipment and software is provided.


Application materials due July 8, 2015.
View our full job description


Sarah Falsey RPR, CRR, CCP
Lead Captioner and Coordinator
CART Provider
University of Wisconsin-Madison
McBurney Disability Resource Center
702 W. Johnson St.
Madison, WI 53715
608-263-2741 (Voice-Front Desk Number)
608-225-7956 (Front Desk Text Number)
608-229-1289 (Video Phone)
608-265-2998 (Fax)


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